• Bitcoin Mining Colocation refers to the service provided by a data center that hosts third party client bitcoin mining equipment. 
  • Choosing the right Bitcoin Mining Colocation provider is important to mining success. 

Bitcoin Mining Colocation refers to a service provided by a specialty built Bitcoin Mining Data Center that hosts third party client bitcoin mining equipment. Colocation providers typically offer a Fully Managed Mining hosting service to small, medium or large bitcoin miners. 

Due to the rise in power consumption for new generation miners, the home mining option is extremely difficult. The power consumption plus the noise and heat generated from bitcoin mining make mining at home a nuisance at best and often not feasible at worst. A Bitcoin mining colocation facility will manage the entire racking, electricity, cooling, installation, troubleshooting, maintenance, and operations of your mining equipment. Typically, you pay a set monthly Hosting Rate and the Colocation facility operator will do the rest. 

You sign a colocation service agreement with the provider which describes the services and costs. You continue to own your mining equipment and effectively rent rack space from the colocation provider. The colocation provider will configure your machine to mining pool of your choice. You then pay your monthly hosting service invoice each month and receive your mining rewards directly to your pool account and ultimately your private wallet. Choosing the right Bitcoin Mining Colocation facility can be a daunting task.

See our Guide to Choosing the Right Bitcoin Mining Colocation facility which helps provide criteria and questions you want to ask. 

For more information, reach out to Digital Bridge Mining to learn more about Bitcoin Mining Colocation.

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